Marbella Gallery Weekend
Galerías de arte contemporáneo de la ciudad de Marbella - España
Contemporary Art Galleries in Marbella, Spain


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MUAC - Union of Contemporary Art Galleries of Marbella is organising for the third consecutive year, from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th November, MARBELLA GALLERY WEEKEND with the aim of raising awareness of the effervescent contemporary art scene that is developing in the city of Malaga.

Marbella has witnessed, for some years now, the birth of an attractive and vibrant contemporary art scene, made up of regular galleries at prestigious fairs such as Zona Maco, Art Dubai, Art Miami, Urvanity, Estampa, Art Brussels, Art Kalsruhe, Drawing Room, among others. Marbella's gallery scene stands out for its fresh, contemporary and cosmopolitan atmosphere, ranging from the young Andalusian art scene to contemporary Arab and Latin American art.


The YUSTO/GINER gallery proposes the solo exhibition 'La vida en los cajones' by Emmanuel Lafont (Buenos Aires, 1980) which will be inaugurated on
Friday 11 November, at 19:00h. It should be noted that the Marbella gallery has just opened a space in the centrally located Calle Barquillo in Madrid.

Also on
Friday, from 18:30 to 21:30h, WADSTRÖM TÖNNHEIM GALLERY opens the group exhibition 'Plethora of Impressions' which will show the works of Claudia Doring Baez, Vicky Kylander, Maria Sassetti, Dalila Pasotti and Mariana Coronil.

REINERS CONTEMPORARY ART will present a preview of the exhibition 'Salto al vacío' by the Brazilian Flavia Juqueira, which brings together photographs and video installations of the works developed by the artist in various palaces in Madrid and Paris; and the one made at the Gran Teatre del Liceu a few weeks ago in Barcelona.

Saturday 12 November, at 12:00, ISOLINA ARBULU organises a meeting with the young artist from Zamora Javier Erre (1981) who is exhibiting in the gallery 'Rosa no es un colour', made up of twenty-one oil paintings that reflect on memory, the artist's memories and their survival and influence on the present.

Saturday 12th November, from 11:00 to 13:00, the first solo show in Marbella of the artist Alexander Zuleta (Guatemala, 1985), under the title 'A billion sperm and you were the first one' in which he brings together a group of recent works by the artist that makes us reflect on how the singular fact that a single spermatozoid comes from is nothing more than the consequence of the chance of Mother Nature.

On Saturday evening at 18:00, ES ARTE GALLERY opens the group exhibition 'N-340 southwest direction' which brings together the works of Pablo Fernández-Pujol, Yeyo Arguez, Chanivet.
Bringing contemporary Andalusian art closer, now, Cádiz. If proximities or distances are measured in relation to time, at this moment, and starting from the concept of the N-340 connection, we bring the work of these 3 artists from Cádiz to Marbella from Km 0 (Cádiz).

Appointments are recommended to visit the galleries


/ Ana Barriga / Ángeles Agrela / Beatriz Ros / Bertrand Fournier / Carlos Pesudo/ Daniel Nuñez / Doppeldenk / Eduardo Balanza / Emmanuel Lafont / Imon Boy / Isabel Rosado / Julio Anaya Cabanding / Katsumi Hayakawa / Los Bravú / Maria Pratts / Rosa Loy / Victoria Maldonado / Alexis de Villar / Ali Mashadiolasl / Alireza Astaneh / Eric Massholder / Farzane Vaziritabar / Fereydoon Omidi / Kambiz Sabri / Manouchehr Niazi / Mehdi Navabi / Samira Alikhanzadeh / Shahriar Ahmadi / Soozan Shahabi / Celina Pórtella / Christian Bazant / Corrado Zeni / Daniel Heil / Eder Oliveira / Fabio Baroli / Flavia Junqueira / Idowu / Oluwaseun / Iwajla Klinke / Juan Miguel Quiñones / Livia Marín / Michael Tolloy / Sali Muller / Sandra Ackermann / Stephan Kaluza · Thorben Eggers / Aixa Portero / Ángel Haro / Angélica Arbulu / Javier Erre / Camilo Yañez / Lola Guerrera / Ana Sanchez / Paula Valdeón Lemús / Gala Fernandez / Hubertus Hohenlohe / Javier de Juan / Magdalena Correa / Nanon Morsink / Pablo Mercado / Rosa Muñoz / Amélie Ducommun / Angela Lergo / Aurora Cid / Jesus Chacón / Teresa Carneiro / Johan Wahlstrom / José Benitez / Juanjo Viota / Manolo Oyonarte / Marifé Núñez / Marina Gadea / Pedro Rodriguez / Santiago Picatoste / Sergio Padilla / Teresa Carneiro / Zinnia Clavo / Matias di Carlo / Konstantino Dregos / Lotta Döbling / Daniel Fleur / Anders Kappel / Stefan Otto / Charlotte Walentin / Martin Ålund /

Some of the artists represente by the Marbella Galleries


Over the last few years, Marbella has witnessed the birth of a new and vibrant contemporary art scene. A scene made up of galleries that represent national and international artists at art fairs, both within and beyond Spain's borders, and whose works form part of the collections of important museums and have been exhibited at events as important as the Biennial of São Paulo, Lyon, Havana, and international fairs such as Art Basel, Arco, Zona Maco, among others.

As a result of this new context, and with the aim of generating a cultural fabric that fosters new relationships with the public, not only in terms of contemporary production, but also with the desire to establish a synergy between art galleries, in 2020 the Union of Contemporary Art Galleries of Marbella (MUAC) was born, made up of the following galleries: Es Arte Gallery, Isolina Arbulu, Reiners Contemporary Art, Sholeh Abghari, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery and Yusto/Giner.

We are aware of the inescapable commitment that art has with society. That is why, now more than ever with MARBELLA GALLERY WEEKEND, we want to spread the voice of the artist.

Being active and present is an imperative obligation that unites us, not only as galleries, but also as representatives of those who have placed their trust in us, the artists.

Photo by Rosa Muñoz at Boho Club Marbella, Spain
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